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Sikh Wedding Photography in London


Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding. We are the one of the most experienced Sikh wedding videographer in London and Birmingham. We provide a full female photographer, videographer team to keep up with your privacy.

Punjabi weddings are one of the most colourful and cultural wedding of all. With all the wonderful Kirtan and bhangra its one the most musical wedding as well. Diamond Studios provides the perfect choice for a modern Sikh wedding film that reflects traditional values with creativity to match your style.

If your style is not fast and cheap then you are at the right place. Here at Diamond Studios, we tell a story of your best days with Music and creativity, we understand the importance of every Sikh wedding tradition.

Every Punjabi wedding is different then others, while the traditions may match but the inner working of every wedding is different with different set of emotion and family attachment, and that is what its make Sikh wedding videography in London to be more harder but it also so rewarding as well.

Unlike any other Indian wedding videography, a Punjabi wedding videography in London are vastly different, day of filming is longer then other wedding a lot of filming needed to be done with precise control. And we do that with our vast experience and understanding of Punjabi wedding videography in London and Birmingham. Throughout our rich experience, our skilled team of expert Sikh wedding videographers and Photographer have developed a keen eye for capturing the perfect setting and atmosphere of the special moments of your wedding.

We always suggest to get at least two(2) Cinematographers as Punjabi weddings are particularly vibrant, colourful, and a lot going on at once. We aim to encapsulate these features through our videos. We also have full female team for the segregated wedding, we also have female wedding editor, we keep your video private at all time and shared with your over secure link with password. Our female team are top in the industries for Punjabi wedding videography and also Punjabi Wedding Photography in London.

Every single Sikh wedding is about representing elegance, beauty and charm. From a religious perspective, the wedding is known as Anand Karaj and this held in a Gurdwara with the presence of the holy book ‘ The Guru Granth Sahib Ji” and is held in a very moving yet pure way.

In the same way as every other kind of Indian marriage, a Sikh marriage will also have a share of Pheras on the wedding day. In a Sikh wedding, a Pheras is known as laavan and this is a term that is used in relation to the bringing together of the Atma, which is the Bride and the Parmatma who is the Groom. Every single Phera has a verse that is associated with it and this explains the many different stages of marital love and the significance of a wedding.

During the Anand Karaj, each verse during the ceremony is a vow written by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji. The Ragis will sing each verse of the marriage song as bride and groom joined by the palla, walk around the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

1st stanza: The first verse of the nuptial round hymn asserts that marriage is encouraged as the best state of life for a Sikh.

2nd Stanza: The second verse of the nuptial round hymn conveys the awakening feelings of love a bride has when leaving her former life, and beginning a new life in partnership with her husband.

3rd Stanza: The third nuptial round hymn declares the bride’s detachment from the world and outside influences, while becoming more deeply devoted to her husband wishing only to live for him.

4th Stanza: The fourth verse of the nuptial round hymn describes a spiritual union of love and devotion where no feeling of separation is possible, imparting perfect joy, and contentment. Upon completion of the fourth round, the bride and groom are considered to be man and wife.

A summary of all the lavan simply means that both husband and wife are devoted to one another and that they may be husband and wife that sit together but they are indeed two bodies with one light.
The actual Sikh wedding is under an hour, but as with all traditions prior to and after the ceremony, the wedding is generally 3-4 hours long. After the wedding ceremony, another Ardas is read; everyone will stand in front of the Guru Granth Sahib before being served parsad – a sweet offering made of sugar and flour.

As with any wedding, it is tradition to serve a wedding lunch. Some families decide to have an afternoon reception and guests will make their way to the venue. Or if the hosts will be inviting guests to an evening reception, lunch will be served at the Gurdwara, where vegetarian dishes will be served. Our traditional Punjabi menu offers our hosts an array of options, which are delectable flavors and aromas of North Indian cuisine fit for royalty.