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Who we are

We are group of Artists (so we think :p) trying to capture the world through Camera Glasses.
While studying in the university, we had this plan to start a video production company, but we didn’t have any connection, no friends in the industry, on top of that came from another country. Boy it was hard, and we hope no one else had to go through that ordeal..

After working for other production companies, TV and so many individual, whom we learned so much, we started Diamond Studios at 2013. Started filming wedding videos and wedding photos. In few years we started filming other commercial videos along with wedding, some TV works. Slow but steady. but

As a Wedding video productions company, we have seen almost all kind of weddings, ritual and traditions. But we still think every wedding is different. And Based on that we have created team that who are experts in each types of wedding, experience is the key in Live events. We have special team creating music for the videos or just pure entertainment. 

Capturing Picture or Filming is just the half of the story, in our industry almost half of our work is post productions. as a video production company, Editing videos or photos or designing Wedding album or DVD Covers, animation, Packaging or even Clients care or Managing it all is other half of the Picture that take long



I am one of the Founder of Diamond Studios. Click here to know more about me. 



I am one of the top musician in Nepal. Working with Diamond Studios to create the next wonder of Music. 



I am a law graduate, managing Diamond Studios, co-ordinating the company. Click here for more. 



I am one of the Top Wedding Photographer in London, Birmingham and Manchester area.

Wedding Photographer


Wedding Photographer

I am one of the top Female Wedding Photographer in London. Click here to know more about me. 




I am a Hairstylists in London. Also a beautician, a very much necessary part of any productions.