Asian Wedding Videographer in London

With the Unlimited Color & Vibrance, so many Guests, and many, many… many Rituals it’s the Complicated yet Beautiful, Difficult yet Most Artistic and Expensive yet Exquisite weddings of all, Yes I am talking about Asian wedding videography in London, The most Artistic wedding of all, its has all, Luxury, Drama, Laughter, Tears and super high Emotions.

As an Asian wedding Videographer in London (Asian wedding Cinematographer), here at Diamond Studios We are the Trusted Asian wedding videographer in London, are crews are highly experienced and understand every small details that needed capturing, we understand the many rituals and what they mean to each wedding, we understand the Color and how to use them in our Advantage.

To become the ultimate Asian wedding experts in London, We built our team in a way that every team member understand each details without any prior instructions of wedding. Every wedding is different but when it comes to different culture of Asian wedding, not only it is different, it has to film or Photograph in different way, for example there is significant difference between a Sikh Wedding videography and a Muslim wedding videography or a Hindu Wedding videography or even an Arabian wedding videography. They all have their own style, different necessity and rituals and that’s the key for a Good Sikh Wedding videography or a Good Muslim Wedding Photography.

Our Asian wedding cinematography team with many years of experience understand these factors and they know how to and when to capture that magic moments, know what may be the obstacle and avoid them with technique and modern equipment, We understand the religious factor and know how to show our respect. For example, while doing Hindu wedding Photography or videography we do not wear our show on the Wedding Mandap, or when doing a Sikh wedding Photography we do not show our back to the Adi Granth (The sacred scripture of Sikhism). We train our crew before they go to any wedding and then they experienced these with our senior Wedding Photographer or Wedding Cinematographer. All these same ritual makes the Wedding Videos vibrant and its take longer to edit all these vibrant content.

In a Asian wedding its not only about the Wedding Couple but it is about the two families, friends and their history, beliefs and culture. Its more emotional then any other types of Wedding, so the tears and laughter of love and joy are really everywhere in an Asian wedding.

We like to capture the High Quality Sound Whenever possible, So we can tell the story in full and for all. We use high quality sound recorder to

Capture the priest or moulana, and we record their Mantra, Prayer or any religious music and use that in the Wedding videos, its makes the videos authentic and also keep the actual vibe of the Wedding Day. For the Wedding Highlights/Wedding Trailer however we ask our Couple to give us a music of their choice. Most of our High-end Camera are capable of Filming in Low light but we still use external lights for our Wedding videos and Photos, as this way we are in control of lights and external lights make the photos and videos looks cinematic. We always go over these details with our couples and make their choice is the Priority. We are telling their stories, so we want to do it their way (unless its unlawful we try to keep all the request made by our couple).

We try to capture your Asian wedding beautifully so when we paint your Story, it spread that Color, Love, Fun and warmth of the Wedding days. We love filming Asian wedding videos and Asian wedding Photos, its harder to film with long long hours, but its just fun to be a part of and capture the moments. And the Foods are always good.

Asian wedding videographer cost in London is higher then any other category of wedding, But at Diamond Studios, we created our package in way that is suit all type of Asian weddings, just ask us about the Asian wedding photography & videography prices. You can choose one of our Wedding Photography and Videography Package or Make your own Bespoke Package and Let us tell Your Tells… 

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