10 Facts to Check from your Wedding Videography / Photography Company:

With improving technology and hundreds companies around, choosing the right videographer and photographer is the most important decisions. Your Wedding album and the wedding video are the real memories that will last the longest after love of course,.
Here at Diamond Studios with our years of Experience from Wedding Videography/Cinematography & Photography in UK and Abroad we have learned and used this top tips help our lovely couples. 10 Facts to check with your Wedding videography and Wedding Photography Company. 

1. Experience

This is important as every year there are new companies popping up and go under. Companies or Individual who have at least 4/5+ years experience and still doing well means they are more reliable. Also ask them how many wedding have they done. Companies that have experience in doing different culture and religion are tend to have better quality and perform well with better post production services.
Remember, wedding video & photo does not end on the wedding day, the post productions are also very important, it is where the actual video or the album get together and produce the final result.

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Sample and testimonial

Have look through their wedding sample photos and album. For video, do ask for full video, as highlights or the wedding trailer doesn’t represent the actual quality. With full video you will know the sound quality and overall lighting and color of the videos.
Check their testimonial in Google or other in social media, as this is something that is hard to manipulate.

3. Budget

Every couple wants their photos and video to be the best, as this is a paid service, the quality is also depend on the amount you pay. Average photography and videography service are cost start from £1000 (each) to up to £2500(each). If your photography or videography service are below £500, its because the service standard will be low and you shouldn’t expect to see something great here. With low budget they can’t effort to have multiple person or any special equipments, neither they can have better quality editors or color correcting experts.

4. Equipments

Do ask them what kind of camera and equipments are they using and just google that to know more about it. For video its important to know about the lighting, and sound recording equipments, if they have any wireless mic and any external sound recorder.
Use of Drone, Gimble/steadicam and Crane, is very common in Wedding videography, you should always ask them to see footage of individual equipments so you will have better understand and you can decide if you need that.

5. Insurance, legality & Safety

Professional companies will always have Liability insurance, PAT certificate and any other insurance, as you should always be prepare for any misconduct or incident. Also know your rights and check the terms and conditions before completing the contract form.
Ask them what are safety measure they have taken, what happened if the Photographer/videographer couldn’t come or any of their equipment break down.
Also how they save the files after filming or Photographing.

6. Provide enough information

Every wedding is different, so let your Wedding videography and wedding photography company know, what exactly you are looking for, it is very important, if you have seen any video and photo that you like please send/share  with them, so they will have a idea of Your Dream Wedding.
 Also provide proper schedule of the day, decide with them whats going to happen or at least explain each section of the day, let them know if you have special requirements and who are the closest family and friend.
If you do not provide the information they may not capture enough of your loved ones. As for a outsider its sometime hard to understand who is close to you. As their is always a guest/family who shows to much interest to the couple (just for the wedding day, not after that, every wedding !!) so its important that we know who is who. 

8. Hospitality

While most couples are very very sweet, but sometime they forget to give us a little time to rest or have something to replenish.
 Although your photographer & videographer do not expect you to provide them any food but by doing so you make them more comfortable and I am sure they will be more dedicated and thankful to you.

9. Edit with them

Although you don’t have to physically edit with them, most company will provide a service of previewing the video before sending you the final DVD/Blu-Ray or Hard Drive.
Also you need, most companies will give you the Raw camera files for free or for very little change. There are lot of footages that editors may not use in the video but sometime its very enjoyable to see the extra video/photos that is not in the Album of Final videos.

10. Editing time :

Ask your photographer and videographer how long will they take to finish the edit, and how the end product will be delivered. Some company take as much as 6 moths to deliver the videos, some with 2 months.

Based on your need you can choose the right people, but most company also provide a quick edit service if you need. At the end of the, you are in control of your day in terms of choosing the vendors. I do want to mention that along with the right film/photography you do also need the Right Venue and Makeup artists is very important,. I hope these steps helps any couple on the hunt for right people. Cheers.

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